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Digital Flame Photometer Model is a dual channel instrument, which is used for simultaneous observation of Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) in blood serum (Plasma), urine and other type of biological fluids. Calcium and Lithium filters are optional. It measures two elements simultaneously & shows result on dual 2½ Digit LED display. Measuring Range of VSI-FP2 is Sodium (Na) : Serum 0-200 meq./l, Urine 0-200 meq./l & Potassium (K) : Serum 0-10 meq./l, Urine 0-100 meq./l with Accuracy of +-2% upto 100 meq./l and +-5% above 100 meq./l . Narrow band interference glass filters of Na & K are used. An oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator is supplied along with main unit.

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